Immune System Combo 2

Immune System Combo 2

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News From The Source

Good News From Dr. JL Johnson!!

You need to know that Traditional Chinese Medicine has been successful in treating Coronavirus fever and coughs by using Chinese medicine and Western medicine.  

What we seem to be dealing with is a form of pneumonia, which is an infection that inflames air sacs in one or both lungs that can fill with fluid or pus and can be life threatening to ANYONE, but particularly people with a low or weak immune system.  

TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine, has proven that herbs can help relieve symptoms and restore blood oxygen saturation, by protecting the patient condition from developing into critically ill cases.  

Here at The Aloe Man, Inc., we have always (For over 40 years) used TCM medicine to help our clients to support a strong immune system.

Dr. JL Johnson and his family are using the combination of these products everyday:
Immuno Force Plus (1 QT Liquid)
Mega C 1000
Body Healer
Total Body Rub
Formula #J602 (When Needed)

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