Heart/Fluid Support

Heart/Fluid Support

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G.A.P. Pills-  Our GAP pills were formulated by Dr. J.L. Johnson, one of the worlds leading nutritional doctors and herbal formulators. Like all the products that Dr. Johnson formulate, GAP Pills were designed to work. We all know or should know that an abundance of contaminants in the bloodstream can lead to a wide range of symptoms including...pain, sore joints, tissue damage, poor circulation, and other undesirable states of health.

Our GAP pills support the blood and help to improve the health of your circulatory system.

BODY HEALER- The Body Healer™ is a very unique combination of the most stable herbs well-known to the market and effective in supporting the body’s ability to maintain a healthy upper stomach, lower stomach, and colon regularity, thereby helping to increase vitality and energy. By supplying both vitamins and minerals, this unique combination of herbs also helps support the body in boosting the immune system and promoting detoxification. 
Perfect For:

  1. Body Cleanser
  2. Multi-Vitamin
  3. Bad breath
  4. Body odor

Our tonic formula is one of the best children tonics on the market.

FORMULA C- The Formula C™ is a good-tasting liquid blend of natural herbs that help support the body in maintaining good kidney and bladder function and increasing vitality and promoting detoxification.  

Kidney Support


CARDIO 1000 Dr. J.L. Johnson’s Product Cardio 1000 was designed to support the body in maintaining proper heart function. We believe that this formula can support optimal cardiovascular function and help protect your heart. 

         Cardio 1000 is one of the strongest blends of natural herbs ever formulated to help cleanse, regulate and replenish those vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are necessary for proper heart health. 

         Cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer in the United States, claiming more lives each year than Cancer, Aids, Accidents, and all other forms of deaths combined. Over 1,500,000 Americans will have a new or reoccurring heart attack each year. About, 1/3 of them will not live through it, and what is even scarier is the fact that most of these people will die suddenly of coronary heart disease. You can be next if you do not take care of your heart. 


         In the next 30 minutes, your heart will beat 2,000 times. During that same time, 60 other hearts will stop beating and 3,000 people young and old will die TODAY! Who are they? Every 3rd person you know, including your family and friends. It does not matter who you are, where you come from, or what you look like, heart disease can and will strike anybody, anytime and anyplace!

         Taking care of your heart means making sure your circulation is healthy and healthy circulation depends on clean blood; (Order our Gap Pills) and maintaining a balance between blood clots formations and blood clot dissolutions.

         Our product Cardio 1000 and our Gap Pills has been on the market for over 36 years. If you are looking to protect your heart, then I am glad that you know about our products. Protect yourself and your family.